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uTIPu free screencast recorder gets a facelift

uTIPu 1.5
Last week we took a look at uTIPu, a free screencast recording application for Windows, and we were pretty impressed. For a free utility, uTIPu has a nice feature set and produces decent quality recordings. Users can also upload them to a web site and share via an embed code. But there were a few rough edges to smooth out last week. Today, uTIPu has started the smoothing process with the release of uTIPu 1.5.

The update brings a brand new user interface and a couple of new features including:
  • Record videos up to 20 minutes long (the previous limit was 5 minutes)
  • Option to add a voice-over track after you're done recording the video instead of in real-time
  • You can now set uTIPu to change your screen resolution before a recording starts instead of just squeezing a 1280 x 1024 display down 640 x 480 in real-time
  • There's a new mini-toolbar you can use to access the controls during a recording session without taking up as much space on your display as the full application. If you don't want the application or the toolbar to show up in your recording at all, you can minimize the application to the system tray once you've started a recording.
There's also a new "public computer" mode that prevents uTIPu from saving your login information. And the embed code has been updated so that it should be easier to embed videos on any web site. When we tried embedding a video last week, we had trouble resizing to fit properly on Download Squad until Oleg from uTIPu recommended a way to modify the code manually. Now users shouldn't have to do any manual tweaking.

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