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Google relaunches Jotspot as Google Sites

Nearly a year and a half after acquiring Jotspot, Google has finally opened the hosted-wiki service back up to the public. Now branded as Google Sites and packaged as part of Google Apps, the service aims to help users create group collaboration tools that can be easily edited and changed. From within Google Apps, administrators can control which users can access a specific site and what, if any editing levels they can have. Right now Google Sites has only a few default templates to choose from, but we expect those options to increase in the coming months.

The best part of Google Sites is its instant integration with the rest of Google Apps and services. YouTube, Picasa, Google Calendar and Google Docs can all be embedded into Google Sites templates, making sharing and collaborating information easier than ever.

At the time of this writing, we were unable to try Google Sites out for ourselves (it has not been activated on our Google Apps accounts, nor on a new Google Apps account we just created), but the examples shown on and in the video above look promising.

Like the rest of Google Apps, Google Sites is free and can be linked to a domain name. Premier service, which includes support and additional storage is available for $50 a year per user.

[via TechCrunch]

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