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First Kubuntu 8.04 alpha with KDE4 released

Kubuntu 8.04 alpha with KDE
Canonical has released a new LiveCD with the first alpha version of Kubuntu 8.04 using KDE 4 as its desktop environment. Kubuntu is identical to Ubuntu in many ways, but instead of using the GNOME desktop environment, Kubuntu uses KDE and its associated application suite. But since KDE 4 is brand spanking new, the Kubuntu team is taking things slowly.

Kubuntu 8.04 will come in two varieties. The version running the well-tested (and therefore somewhat boring) KDE 3 dekstop environment will be supported commercially. The version running KDE 4 will only have community support. Of course, the Linux and Ubuntu communities being what they are, community support is nothing to scoff at.

The first Alpha release of Kubuntu 8.04 with KDE 4 is a bit rough around the edges. For example, you'll probably have to run KNetworkManager manually if you want to enable your WiFi card. But for a first release it's pretty cool. And if you want to check out KDE 4's new widget engine, start menu and other features, you can run the operating system from a LiveCD without writing anything to your hard drive.

[via Tombuntu]

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