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Digg Firefox Extension shows Digg stats for any page

Digg Firefox Extension
If you like the social bookmarking site Digg, but hate actually having to visit the web site to submit and vote on stories, you might want to check out Digg Firefox Extension. Like the Smart Digg Button, which we've previously covered, Digg Firefox Extension will let you see at a glance whether a page you're visiting has been submitted to diggs and how many votes it has received. If the page hasn't been submitted, you can click the button to submit it yourself.

But that's where the similarities end. While Smart Digg Button hangs out in your status bar, Digg Firefox Extension adds a toolbar to Firefox, which makes sense as it has a ton of submenus. For example, you can see the last 10 people who dugg the page you're visiting, and even read recent comments without clicking through to Digg's web site.

You can also forget about the page you're on altogether, and use the Firefox extension to see a list of recently popular, recently submitted, and hot stories. Or you can use the extension sort of like the StumbleUpon toolbar by clicking on "Random Story" to be taken to a random site submitted to Digg.

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