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Feed your face at Open Source Food

Open Source Food
When we first wrote about Open Source Food, we said we loved the idea but the site needed some love. Well, it seems that OSF's creator, Jon Yongfook Cockle, thought the same thing because he's overhauled the whole enchilada and it's tastier than ever.

Navigation is much more intuitive and background is minimalist so pictures of the delicious dishes really stand out (warning: some of the food pictures will make you want to lick your screen). More than just a Web site, it's a social network and members are encouraged to share photos, recipes, and meal ideas . Of course, tagging, voting, and commenting are also part of the fun.

The thing we really like about this site is that there are plenty of basic recipes for novices -- butter baked cabbage, chocolate chip cookies -- along with a ton of recipes for advanced cooks. Since the site's members are all over the globe, OSF also has the international flair thing going on. Hot Thai fish curry, anyone?

Bottom line: if you can't find a fabulous recipe somewhere on this site, then you're not really trying.

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