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DashQuit: Quit your Mac dashboard with a single click

The Mac OS X Dashboard is a boon to many and a bane to some. Some of us reference the Dashboard many times a day, while others never use it, and wish that they could just turn it off completely.

Wish granted.

DashQuit is a lightweight Dashboard widget that will allow you to quit Dashboard with one simple click (does anyone catch the irony here?). It comes both in a Tiger and Leopard flavor.

Once installed, DashQuit will reside quietly in your Dashboard. Its default display is a reading of how much memory is being consumed by your various widgets. We were surprised to find that the widgets on our test machine were sucking up 83 MB of RAM.

If you wish to close Dashboard, hit the big stop button (hint: it's the only one on the widget). You will be prompted to confirm the close (which you can turn on or off in the preferences). Once confirmed, Dashboard disappears. If you want it back at anytime, simply call up Dashboard using the normal, default methods.

DashQuit is a free download, Mac OS X only.

[via Softpedia]

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