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Windows SkyDrive leaves beta, quintuples storage

Windows Live SkyDrive
Microsoft has taken the beta label off of its Windows Live SkyDrive online storage service. The company has also increased the amount of online storage you get from 1GB to 5GB.

When Microsoft first announced a beta version of SkyDrive last August, users got just 500MB of online storage, which was pretty miniscule by 2007 standards. 5GB is much more respectable. You can get 1GB to 5GB of free storage space from a number of competitors like or AOL's XDrive. For some reason, while Google allows Gmail and Picasa users to store a huge amount of data online, the GDrive still remains as mythical as a unicorn or an honest man.

SkyDrive is also now available in 38 countries and regions including the UK, India, and a number of other countries in South America, Europe, and Asia.

[via Windows Vista Blog]

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