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FeedJournal: Kill a tree and print your RSS feeds like a newspaper

Ever wish you could print out your RSS feeds and read them like a newspaper? FeedJournal is a new service that lets you convert RSS feeds into printable PDF files. The layout is very newspaper-like. You can choose the number of columns, and whether or not your paper will include images. Web publishers can also add a widget to their web sites that will let visitors view their content as a newspaper-style PDF.

There's something compelling about the newspaper format. For one thing, it can be much faster to read text in short columns because your eyes don't have to move across the width of your computer screen. On the other hand, why the heck would you want to print out a "newspaper" with a list of feeds that are updated far more frequently than your daily paper? Do you know how much paper and ink that could potentially waste?

FeedJournal Developer Jonas Martinsson says that FeedJournal works best for sites with longer articles that you might not want to read while sitting in front of your computer. So he acknowledges that you might not want to print every article from every blog or news site you follow. But most sites that publish long articles don't include the full story in their RSS feeds, and FeedJournal will only grab the portion of the text included in the feed.

Overall, FeedJournal presents a neat trick, but we're not sure we can see ourselves using it very often.

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