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RapGet Download Manager

Yesterday we looked at jDownloader, a Java-based download client for RapidShare, MegaUpload and several other file hosting services. And one of our readers asked why we don't just use RapGet. After playing around with RapGet a bit today, we have to say, it might just be a better option.

RapGet doesn't require Java, supports 50 languages, more than 60 file hosting sites, and doesn't spit out German text at you when the language is set to English.

The program doesn't attempt to get around download limits in any way. If you have a paid account with a service like RapidShare, you can use RapGet to manage your downloads. But you can also use it with free accounts. It will automatically enter CAPTCHA codes for you, download one file at a time, and wait a specified period of time before attempting to download your next file.

[Thanks NyaR!]

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