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Is Newspond a Techmeme killer?

Ever wonder what you would get if you crossed Digg with Techmeme and gave the new site a slick Web 2.0 style theme? Yeah, neither did we, but that's a half decent description of Newspond, a news aggregation site that launched today.

Newspond is not a social news site like Digg. Articles aren't submitted by users. Newspond is more like Techmeme in that the site gathers stories from across the web using an automated system to analyze the topics that blogs and news sites are talking about. Articles show up on the front page or in a variety of subsections like tech, games, and science. Under each main article is a list of links to more articles on the same topic from other web sites. You'll have to click the "View All Sources" tab to see additional articles, but Newspond will pull them up without a page refresh.

While there's no user generated primary content on the site, Newspond does have a nifty commenting system which adds a social aspect to the site. The comments are threaded and easy to read. But you really have to play with them to get the full effect.

[via Mashable]

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