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Drupal 6 is released

The powerful Open Source CMS Drupal has released its latest version onto the world. Drupal 6 adds a host of new features, including an easier installation process, built-in OpenID support and updates to the theming structure.

As far as content management systems (CMS) go, Drupal is easily one of the most powerful, especially for scaling large sites with multiple authors. But that power has always come at a slight cost to usability - especially for new users. We've been playing with Drupal 6's various release candidates (we haven't installed the final release on our test set-up yet) and have been extremely impressed at the changes made in streamlining and simplifying the installation and overall management system. Is it as easy as WordPress, well no -- that's not really Drupal's aim -- but it is much more intuitive than Drupal 5, which in itself was a step-up from Drupal 4. New users should check out this 12 minute screencast on Drupal's site, it walks you through the entire process.

If you are looking for a scalable, customizable CMS solution to host either a large site or lots of different sites, you owe it to yourself to give Drupal a look.

[via CMSWire]

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