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DoubleTwist: Share and synchronize all your digital media

DVD John may be best known as the guy who first broke the copy-protection scheme used by DVDs. But now he's behind an application designed to let you share media with your friends over the internet. DoubleTwist is a desktop application that makes it easy to share pictures, music, and movies with your friends. You can add your Facebook contacts and automatically see their shared photo albums. You can also send audio and video files from your desktop to your Facebook friends thanks to a Facebook application.

But that's just the beginning. DoubleTwist also lets you synchronize media stored on your PC with portable devices like Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones, a Playstation Portable, or Amazon Kindle. And in order to make sure your media plays on any device, the application converts audio and video files into standard formats. For example, when you first run doubleTwist, it will ask if you want to convert your iTunes library into DRM-free MP3s.

For some reason, there's no support for synchronization with Windows Mobile or PalmOS devices. But doubleTwist is still in beta, and there are plans for many more features. For example, doubleTwist is Windows only at the moment, but a Mac version is coming soon, as is support for the OpenSocial platform.

[via CNet]

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