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Checkser: a wiki for checklists

Checkser: wiki for checklistsCheckser is niche application of the wiki concept: users create/edit checklists for topics ranging from "What to look for when buying a home" to "Things to do before leaving for a vacation." The checklists are useable (you can click checkboxes to mark items), and editable anonymously or with an OpenID signature.

While editing a checklist, you can drag/drop list items in whatever order you choose. You can also provide a "Read More..." link in case you want to offer a preview of a more extensive list found elsewhere.

Like any good wiki, you can view the history of edits for the checklists. Our favorite list so far is the Web 2.0 checklist.

[Thanks Marijn Deurloo]

Tags: checklist, get things done, GetThingsDone, wiki