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Digsby comes a long way in one week, still a memory hog

Digsby proxy settings
Just a week after Digsby widened its private beta by giving away 5,000 invites to Download Squad readers, the development team has already issued 4 new builds of the chat, email, and social networking client. Probably the most significant new feature is support for proxy settings to help users get around corporate firewalls.

There are a ton of other bug fixes and minor new features as well, including:
  • A fix for "connection lost" issue when logging in
  • A fix for MSN Messenger IMs not being sent
  • A fix for Digsby getting stuck while loading skins during the login
  • A fix for freezes while logging into Yahoo! Messenger
  • Ctrl + Backapsace now deletes one word at a time in the input box
If you already have a Digsby account, you can either download the latest client from the Digsby home page or just fire up Digsby on your PC if it's already installed. The client will download all the updates automatically. While the lack of proxy support was one of the main complaints we heard from users last week, there's one other issue we'd love to see Digsby work on: The program's large memory footprint. Digsby can easily use 70MB or more at launch. Considering how many functions the service has, that might not seem like a lot, but similar applications like Pidgin use just a small fraction of the RAM that Digsby does.

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