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Yahoo! rejects Microsoft, turns to AOL?

Yahoo!As expected, Yahoo! has rejected Microsoft's bid to take over the web portal and its network of services. Microsoft had been offering $44.6 billion for Yahoo!, which the Yahoo! board claims undervalues the company. Microsoft has a few options available. The company could raise its bid price, or it could try to circumvent the board's decision by taking the offer directly to the shareholders.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! is "evaluating all of its strategic options." The rumor du jour is that Yahoo! is in talks with this blog's parent company, AOL. The move makes some sense, as AOL has been remodeling itself in recent years as a company focused on online services and advertising, rather than a dialup and broadband service provider. Yahoo! would bring a lot of expertise to the table, while the two companies would be well positions to compete with the other giants in online software, Google and Microsoft.

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