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Microsoft launches MSN Direct for Windows Mobile

MSN Direct for Windows Mobile
MSN Direct is Microsoft's platform for pushing weather, stock updates, sports, and other news to mobile devices via an FM radio frequency. The service was available for internet enabled GPS devices, watches, and other appliances. Yet for some reason Microsoft is just now getting around to releasing an MSN Direct client for cellphones and PDAs. The service will use available data connections like WiFi or 3G connections, rather than FM radio.

The Windows Mobile client is considered a "technology preview," which is a fancy word for beta. Right now it's available for Windows Mobile 5.0 or newer phones only. You can either download the client from your phone by pointing your mobile browser to, or you can download the application from the same site using your desktop browser and install it to your phone using ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device center.

MSN Direct is available as a free download.

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