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Flickr users laugh at Microsoft-Yahoo! deal

Destroy FlickrWhen Yahoo! snubbed Microsoft's first buyout offer last week, no one was happier than the 3,000-plus members of a Flickr photo pool called "Microsoft: Keep Your Evil Grubby Hands Off Of Our Flickr." The group has posted a collection of funny images that protest Microsoft's attempts to buy Yahoo!, which currently owns Flickr. Their photos range from clever to cynical to downright obscene.

Some of the running themes in the pool include mashups of the Microsoft and Flickr logos, parody Windows dialog boxes, and pictures of Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates gloating about their impending domination of the photo-sharing market. It's easy to see from the photos that a lot of users aren't happy, but we also found some serious discussion in the comments about how Microsoft might change Flickr.

Some users seem to have posted their funny photos so they can laugh to keep from crying. The pictures are cross-posted to another group called "If Microsoft Acquires Flickr [Yahoo] I'm Committing Suicide." Microsoft should be on notice that it's about to put its evil grubby hands on some potential new customers who take photo sharing very seriously.

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