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AdCamo: Make money by making your web site ugly

AdCamo is a new advertising network that kills two birds with one stone: It lets you place ads on your website while decorating your page's background. And by decorate, we mean plastering an obnoxious advertisement on your background. So maybe the third bird AdCamo will kill is your web traffic.

Now, theoretically, there may be a tasteful way to create an advertisement that will attract viewers without hurting their eyes. But AdCamo has posted 4 example pages, and each one is kind of hideous. If the company can't even come up with an attractive presentation to convince you to sign up for the service, how can you trust them to place inoffensive ads on your site?

The background ads aren't clickable, but they're paired with ads embedded in the content of your site. If you're okay with the idea of making your website into a glorified MySpace page, AdCamo is currently in private beta, but you can request an invitation from the company's web page.

[via TechCrunch]

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