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Twitpic: Share your photos on Twitter

Have you heard of Twitpic? No, we didn't just call you a bad name. Promise.

Twitpic is a new entry into the Twittersphere that allows users to upload photos from their computer to Twitter. The interface is simple, and so is the actual uploading.

First, you enter your Twitter login information. Second, you select an image to share. Third, you add a caption (if wanted) and post the picture. You can then view the photo from the Twitpic page or from your Twitter homepage. Easy as cake.

An obvious disadvantage to Twitpic is that you have to be in front of your computer to post your images. Contrast this with other services such as VisualTwitter and MobyPicture, which allow you to upload an image from your mobile device. Seeing as Twitter really shines as an on-the-go social network, this limitation might be devastating.

You make the call.

[via Mashable]

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