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Sync your PC, Smartphone, and web files with SugarSync - We have invites!

There are plenty of services that let you synchronize files between two computers, or between a PC and a web server. But SugarSync goes one step further by letting you synchronize data on your smartphone.

SugarSync has three separate clients: one for your desktop, one for the web, and another for your mobile phone. If you have an unsupported phone or PDA you can also access a mobile version of the web client.

SugarSync is currently in private beta, but we've got about 500 invites to give away. Just visit the signup page and enter the code "DSQ."
Setup couldn't be much easier. When you download and run the installer program, SugarSync will ask you to select folders of content you want to synchronize. There's an ominous warning message letting you know that your first sync could take a long time - up to a day for 2-3GB of data. But future syncs will go much faster.

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Once you've uploaded a few files you can login to your SugarSync page on the web to access your files and media from any computer. You can view certain file types, like images online or you can download them.

SugarSync mobile web clientYou can also visit the mobile version of the page if you're using a cellphone or PDA. Or if you have a supported Windows Mobile or BlackBerry device, you can download and install a mobile client for accessing your media on the go.

Unfortunately Windows Mobile 2003SE doesn't seem to be supported. There are plans to release J2ME, Symbian, and Brew clients in the future. The company also plans to release desktop clients for Mac and Linux soon.

During the beta period users get up to 11GB of online storage space for free, but once the service launches publicly, users will get 1GB for free and the option to upgrade their accounts for a fee.

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