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AOL acquires widget maker Goowy

AOL, this blog's parent company, has acquired widget and web desktop company Goowy. Goowy's original product was a webOS or webtop that you can use as an online desktop when you're away from your home computer. But while there are a ton of these services around, we're not convinced that people actually use them very much. So it's Goowy's more recent product that probably caught the eye of AOL: the YourMinis widget platform.

YourMinis widgets can be placed on almost any web page. You can add them to your iGoogle, Netvibes, or Facebook pages. Or you can add them to a desktop widget application like Vista Sidebar or Yahoo! Widget Engine. Widgets range from a YouTube video player to a Twitter application.

Goowy has been working with AOL to develop widgets for the MyAOL personalized homepage service.

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