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Web Toolkit: Find out who else is on your web host with MyIPNeighbors

myIPneighborIf you have a web site, you're probably using shared hosting. Shared hosting, for those unfamiliar with it, is when a company takes a single web server and hosts many web sites on it, sharing the web serving duties and making it possible for the company to make a profit while offering us $3.99/month hosting plans.

While it may be economical, sometimes shared hosting means your site is slow depending on whom you're sharing your site with. For example, if someone has a blog that is hosted on the same server your domain is hosted on and they have a really popular post (perhaps getting on Digg), the server will become slow under the heavy load. This heavy load can bog down the server and make it slow, sometimes unresponsive for everyone else being hosted on that server.

Enter By giving them a website's address or IP address, they report back with how many other websites are being hosted on the same server as yours. For example, my site is sharing it's web server with 191 sites. Yikes, that's a lot!

If you're having performance issues with your web site and you feel the server might be to blame, check out myIPneighbors and assess for yourself if you web host is spreading it's resources too thin. Depending on your analysis, a web host change might be in your future!

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