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Web toolkit: find out a site's web host with WhoIsHostingThis


For bloggers or anyone who wants their own website, a natural question always is - who should I choose for a web host? There are many guides and ways to get advice on this subject. But the fact is that choosing the cheapest isn't always the best. If you know someone who has a site and you're impressed with the speed and uptime of that site, it might be beneficial to know who their web host is.

Finding out is easy with a great website called WhoIsHostingThis. When you visit the site, there's a simple box where you type the name of any site, hit "Tell Me", and the web host is revealed. Very cool.

We appreciate that WhoIsHostingThis doesn't require registration. Additionally, there's no annoying Flash ads (yet) or any other factors that drive us nuts when browsing the web.

This is a very practical website to add to your web toolbox.

[via MakeUseOf]

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