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Twitter and Joyent are no more

Talk about coming out of nowhere. Less than 48 hours after each company posted effusive posts praising the other service on their respective blogs, Joyent, the company that provides the infrastructure for Twitter, has announced on the company's blog that Twitter has been off of their servers since 10 PM last night.

As the post itself states, this is very surprising, especially coming only a day after Twitter posted this to the official Twitter blog. Interestingly, Joyent also posted a message yesterday, announcing their plans to provide excess capacity for Twiter during the Super Bowl.

What changed in 24 hours? While we have no idea, we can't help but speculate that this break-up is somehow related to Twitter's frequent outages and service hiccups as of late. The Twitter blog from this morning indicates that the team was working on a planned infrastructure project all night and that the increased downtime was unexpected. The entry further expresses the company's shared frustration with users over the recent downtime.

From the tone of Joyent's post, especially in the final line, "...Joyent is standing ready with excess free infrastructure to support Twitter through this transition in the event that they need it," we can't help but think Twitter might have dumped Joyent for a more stable provider.

Developer of our favorite blogging tool, Daniel Jalkut tweeted his own theories: Twitter will announce an acquisition deal in the next few days. His purely speculative thoughts, Google. We sure hope not.

Phone calls to Twitter were not immediately returned. Frankly, we'd turn off our phones too. We'll keep you posted if anything in this story develops. You know, assuming Twitter works well enough for us to get updates on all the gossip.

[via @gruber]

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