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Take back disk space from your e-mail

While more and more people (including most of the staff at DLS) are starting to keep all of their e-mail online, using services like GMail, Windows Live Mail or an Exchange hosted account, there are still plenty of people who prefer using an offline mail client.

While the advantage of storing mail locally is that you can access messages at any time -- whether you are connected to the Internet or not -- that also means that, well, all your mail is on your hard drive. Depending on how much e-mail you get, that can add up to quite a bit of space.

Boing Boing posted a great reminder/tip for all Thunderbird users, make sure you run File --> Compact Folders from time to time. You might not save 20 GB like Cory Doctorow, but you can still claim some space.

Outlook 2007 users can save space/clean up their e-mail boxes by selecting Tools --> Mailbox Cleanup. From there you can choose to archive old messages, empty deleted items folders, find messages of a certain age/size and delete duplicate or alternative versions of messages.

When was the last time you cleaned-up your mail program? If you can't remember, now might be a good time to archive old messages and clear out those deleted items.

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