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AM-Deadlink: Find dead and duplicate bookmarks in IE, Firefox, Opera

AM-DeadLink, while lacking a creative name, does serve a creative purpose. The program will scan through your bookmarks: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera; and locate all the dead links that have taken up unwelcome residence, like those malign spirits in the movie Poltergeist.

Can you believe Poltergeist was rated PG? We still think about it...about the's not under the bed, it's right behind you Robbie!

Okay, where were we? Yes, AM-DeadLink. Like we said before, the program detects dead links and duplicates in browser bookmarks. If a bookmark has become unavailable, or if you find a duplicate, you can verify it in the program's internal browser and delete the bookmark permanently.

The program itself is easy to operate, with simple toolbar buttons and drop-down menus to select the browser you wish to clean up. AM-DeadLink can also scan .CSV files and tab-delimited text files for dead links. If your bookmarks are lacking favicons, AM-DeadLink can import them into your bookmarks, with the option to pass over or overwrite all existing favicons.

AM-DeadLink is freeware, and Windows only.

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