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KonoLive turns instant messaging into "instant collaboration"

KonoLiveKonoLive is launching a new "instant collaboration" service at DEMO this week. The company's application looks a lot like an instant messaging client built on Adobe AIR. But while most IM clients allow you to do a few things besides chatting (like sharing files, images, and even video), KonoLive takes things to a whole new level.

Users will be able to share Office documents, PDF files, and digital media files with contacts without opening a web browser. Users can also comment on media, and keep track of various versions of a document.

The application is geared more toward business users than casual computer users. Most folks don't really need yet another IM client littering their desktop. But if you're looking for a way to collaborate with a team of people scattered across the globe, or even a typical office space KonoLive looks like an interesting option. The service is expected to launch in private beta on Wednesday.

[via Mashable]

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