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gDocsBar: Firefox sidebar to manage your Google Documents

gDocsBar is a new sidebar extension for Firefox that gives you instant, always-on access to your entire collection of Google Documents. With built-in search and filtering, and easy browsing of your online documents, gDocsBar will quickly become a "how did I do anything before this?" Firefox add-on.

Once installed, you'll be prompted to login to your Google account (you do have one by now, don't you?). Don't worry about the vulnerability of your login information; the credentials are sent to Google directly over SSL.

Now that you're logged in, you'll see a list of your Google Documents, including Spreadsheets and Presentations. You have the option to sort them by date, title, or author, in ascending or descending order. There are also tabs for each type of Google Doc, so that, if you so choose, you can see only one type of document at a time. All your documents are instantly searchable by name, author, or content.

Uploading documents to Google Docs has never been easier than with gDocsBar. Simply drag and drop a file to the upload section at the bottom of the gDocsBar sidebar, and the file is instantly uploaded. Word to the wise: it has to be a file type that Google Docs supports, or else you will run into errors.

If you're a steady user of Google Docs and Firefox, this is a no-brainer.

[via Webware]

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