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Destroy the web with NetDisaster - Today's Time Waster

Have you ever wished a particular website would be attacked by ailens? Cut in half by a chainsaw? NetDisaster is a site deisgned to allow you to wreak havoc on your favorite (or least favorite) website in a variety of different ways.

You can choose from natural disasters like floods and meteors to attacks by dinosaurs or even Led Zeppelin. There's close to fifty different attacks to choose from and you can decide whether you want to control them yourself or have the attacks take place all on their own. The site allows you let the site repair itself, or you can go for massive destruction mode where a site can't come back from oblivion.

If you select a particular mode of destruction and are let down by your choice you can also select a new one from a in browser tool bar rather than go back to the site and re-enter all the website info. If you're really proud of your attack, finished disasters can be shared via email or a link on your website.

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