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Twitter Pack Project: Find Twitter-ers by topic, location

If you're new to the whole Twitter scene, and your friends have yet to climb on the bandwagon, your Twitter page might be looking awful lonely. You might have no one to stalk, er, follow-and no one is following you. Enter the Twitter Pack Project, a wiki where the community recommends fellow Twitter-ers by topic of interest or geographical area.

The Twitter Pack Project has lists of all shapes and sizes. For example, if you're an Apple nerd, you can find a list of Twitter-ers whose Tweets are more or less related to Apple. Like having a good belly laugh? Visit the laugh pack and become a follower of your favorites. Want to follow fellow Twitter-ers in the same city? Packs exist for San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more; basically every major metropolitan area is included.

If you don't find a pack to suit you, you are encouraged to sign up for the wiki and create your own (the invite key is: project). You can add new lists to existing packs (say, a new geographical location) or create an entirely new pack (for example, packs by birthday dates, and so on).

So what are you waiting for? Get to following.

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