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GreenPrint - new free edition saves you money and saves the trees

software launched a new free edition today to help home users and non-profits reduce home and office printing waste. Known as GreenPrint World edition, this edition has fewer features than other versions and includes advertising. The software works by analyzing every page of a document sent to the printer, and looks for banner ads, pages with just a logo or URL, legal jargon, etc., and then highlights and removes them before they ever reach the printer. You can also remove images with a click.

According to GreenPrint, users can save up to $90 per year and eliminate 1,400 wasted pages. In addition, the software quantifies your toner and paper savings in a nice report which you can review to help you feel better about all the trees you are saving. The company estimates that with widespread use GreenPrint can save 100 million trees and reduce greenhouse gasses by over 30 million tons globally.

We're all for technology which helps save trees and automates mundane tasks helping to make your printing sort of idiot proof. It's a big step in the right direction, however, there is just so much software can do. We continue to recommend print preview as an important part of your ongoing safe printing practice.

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