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Give your favorite places a shout out with PlaceShout

Have you ever been so impressed with the coffee/beer/waitstaff somewhere that you wanted to tell the world? PlaceShout is a website designed to allow you to give your favorite places a little Internet shout out and help you find new places in your area that are worth a visit.

Traditional review sites that have lengthy reviews of establishments. But PlaceShout is all about brevity, with a maximum review length of 100 characters. You can navigate the site by searching for a particular item: For instance: "Coffee in San Francisco" or you can view areas by map and look for reputable establishments near you.

When you pull up a particular location's rap sheet you can see everything that has ever been said about them. Much like comments on Digg, comments on the site can be given a thumbs up or a thumbs down. A particular comments amount of votes determines what order it is seen on a places review sheet. For instance if someone says the grilled cheese at Earls Sandwich shop is the bomb, and you think its the worst thing to ever be put on sliced bread you can give their comment a thumbs down and move it down on the list.

PlaceShout is a relatively new kid on the block, so there's not an overwhelming amount of reviews out there to peruse for a lot of cities, you can currently add reviews however for anywhere. The cities with the most reviews are Ann Arbor, MI at 260 and San Francisco with 234.

If you want to check out reviews of places in your area some good similar sites to check out are JudysBook, InsiderPages, and Yelp.

[via EmilyChang]

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