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Open Terminal: access Mac terminal from Finder

Open TerminalOpen Terminal is a small program that provides quick Terminal access directly to specified folders. For instance, if you're five folders deep in Finder and realize you need Terminal access to that folder to edit a .plist, it's a pain to launch Terminal and type cd /users/todd/folder1/folder2/folder3. Instead, you could use Open Terminal in one of three ways:
  • Drag the "folder3" icon onto Open Terminal which will launch a Terminal window already active in "folder3"
  • Stick Open Terminal in your Finder toolbar (hold down the Command key while dragging the .app onto the toolbar), so you can drag "folder3" onto the Open Terminal icon directly above the folder list
  • Install the included contextual-menu plugin which will add an option in the right-click menu to launch Open Terminal to your desired folder (this requires installing Open Terminal and having it run in the background)
Open Terminal 2.0.4 is only for Leopard and supports Terminal tabs, but the developer has older versions available for Mac OS 10.2 through 10.4.

Windows XP users should check out the "Open Command Window Here" powertoy for similar functionality. Vista users can hold the shift key while right-clicking a folder and click "Open command window here" in the context menu.

[Via MacUpdate]

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