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ICANN aims to end U.S. oversight

ICANN aims to end U.S. oversightThe group that is in charge of the Internet addressing system, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), has sent a response (PDF) to the U.S. Department of Commerce in a midterm review of the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) between the two parties, saying that the JPA has fulfilled its purpose and is no longer necessary.

The original agreement was put in place to get ICANN on its way to be a responsible, transparent entity to get it out of U.S. control, since this has been a topic of debate since the inception of ICANN. The report states that ICANN has already met its responsibilities of the JPA, and as such is ready for full "private sector leadership" where all the stakeholders are represented. As such, it also aims to cast off the misconception that the U.S. government is overseeing the DNS on a "daily basis."

Although this is unlikely to affect end-user interaction in any way, it will be nice to know that the root addressing system will not be under the direct control of a single entity - that is, if the U.S. Department of Commerce agrees and the JPA is indeed retired early. But considering that it is in private hands, even with stakeholders represented, it does make one wonder how it will affect competition considering that ICANN virtually has a monopoly whether it is under the oversight of the U.S. or a private group of stakeholders.

[via OSNews, ArsTechnica]

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