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Is this what Windows 7 looks like?

Windows 7?Evidence is mounting that Microsoft has really given a select group of testers/partners an early look at the next version of the Windows Operating System. The other day a member of the Neowin forum posted a brief review of Windows 7 before deleting his comments. And now a Chinese web site has posted what could be real live pictures of Windows 7.

Overall, these shots of Windows 7 (or an artist's fictional rendition thereof) show an operating system that looks a lot like Windows Vista. That's not particularly surprising, since Windows 7 won't be launched for at least another two years. Odds are most of the changes would be under the hood at this point.

The images do show a few difference. For example, you can display hidden items in the system tray through a new pop up window. The Control Panel features some rearranged menus, and the display properties dialog for changing screen resolutions looks pretty awesome. Check out the screenshots after the jump.

[via WinBeta]
Windows 7 About Screen
Windows 7?

Welcome Center
Windows 7 Welcome Center

Desktop Gadgets
Windows 7 gadgets

Control Panel
Windows 7 Control Panel

Display Properties
Windows 7 display resolution dialog

Windows PowerShell
Windows PowerShell

Start Menu
Windows 7 start menu

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