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Bring back closed tabs in Internet Explorer 7

It's happened to us all: we've gone a little bit trigger happy with our mouse, and inadvertently closed a tab that we didn't want closed. We've recently covered a way to get those tabs back with Firefox. Now, with IE7 Open Last Closed Tab, those regrettable clicks can be undone in Internet Explorer 7 as well.

The add-on is small, simple to install, and does what it says, all qualities to be adored. Once you download and install the add-on, IE will look and act the same as before. If you need to open a closed tab, you have two keyboard options:
  • Alt+X will restore the last closed tab, complete with history.
  • Alt+Q will bring up a screen to let you select from all your recently closed tabs (up to 200!).
A heads up: there are Amazon advertisements that load on the screen where you can select from your closed tabs. However, you can easily turn them off by clicking the "disable product bar" option on the top of the tab.

IE7 Open Last Closed Tab requires Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Server 2003, XP, or Vista.

[Via the How-To Geek]

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