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Windows Vista SP1 final build coming in February?

Vista SP1
Release candidates of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 have been available for a couple of months. But if you've been holding off on updating your Vista system until SP1 gets the official Microsoft seal of approval, it looks like you may not have to wait much longer.

There's a rumor going around that Microsoft is set to release Vista SP1 on February 15th. This shouldn't come as a huge shock. Microsoft had already said that the operating system update was on track for a Q1 2008 release. That said, we always take software release dates with a bucket of salt.

SP1 adds some stability, bug fixes, and hardware compatibility features to Windows Vista. Users shouldn't expect too many new features, as that was never the goal for this update. Microsoft, of course, is neither confirming nor denying that the service pack will be ready for release on February 15th.

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