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Kantaris media player makes VLC pretty

While Videolan Client (also known as VLC) is a great cross-platform application for opening pretty much any video file you can throw at it, the interface is a bit sparse. Sure, you can add custom skins, but developer Christofer Persson decided to go a bit further and build a whole new program based on the open-source media player's code.

Kantera is an audio/video player that can handle all of the same media formats as VLC and then some. It features an attractive skin, some trippy audio visualizations, and integration with and Apple movies trailers. While the Kantera homepage touts the program's ability to handle audio codecs that VLC won't normally play, we've never had any problem opening WMA or other closed source file formats with VLC.

Kantaris doesn't appear to have support for hotkeys yet, which is a bit of a drawback. But version 0.3.0 which was released this week adds support for playing archived RAR files without extracting them first which is a pretty awesome feature. Kantaris is only available for Windows, but the source code is available so we wouldn't be surprised to see a Mac or Linux port sometime down the road.

[via Sourceforge]

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