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HeadStrong - brain software to help you stay sharp


Let's face it. You reach a certain age milestone and suddenly, you forget where you put the keys a little too often, forget the row and aisle your car is parked somewhat frequently, and perhaps head off somewhere forgetting what you had originally in mind. To keep yourself sharp you have been told to arm yourself with Sudoko books and do the NYT crossword puzzles religiously. Well, if that's getting a bit dull, there are more and more online mental gymnastics you can avail yourself to.

is a brain training software program that is available for free while in beta. It has 2 parts, 1 of which is a fitness test to assess how your brain functions. After your assessment, the program creates a custom training program for you and your brain. In accordance with the research science, the exercises have been programmed to increase in difficulty and challenge in order to maximise the opportunity for neuroplasticity, which is a fancy way of saying how your brain adapts and makes new neural connections.

The program will be free for a limited time, after which it will run from $9.95 - $19,95 per month. You are required to input your date of birth so your answers can be gauged along with other users of the same age, community and other demographics.

The program is the brain child of Nicola Gates, a Clinical Neuropsychologist, who developed the exercises and research. One of its founding members is Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, a globally recognised authority, scientist, neuropsychologist, author and Clinical Professor of Neurology at New York University. He created and pioneered the concept of a Cognitive Fitness Centre in New York and has become one of HeadStrong's advisors.

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