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EveryBlock tells you what's happening everywhere (in 3 cities)

If you live in New York, Chicago, or San Fancisco, you have to check out EveryBlock. No really, you have no choice. It's too cool to pass up. While there are plenty of services out there that aim to give you all the latest news, restaurant reviews, and other information about your community, EveryBlock does an awesome job of pulling together information from disparate sources to give you an overview of what's happening in your neighborhood.

Type in your address, zip code, or neighborhood and EveryBlock will let you read business reviews, news articles, lost and found listings, crime reports, and Flickr images from your community. You can even find graffiti reports, building code violations, and restaurant inspection reports. Actually, come to think of it, EveryBlock might almost provide a bit too much information. The last thing we want is to find an excellent review of a local restaurant only to read on the next page that roaches were found in the kitchen. But if you're not the ignorance is bliss sort, you should definitely take EveryBlock for a spin.

[via Waxy]

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