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Toonlet - Create a comic strip starring you

Toonlet is a free web based comic strip creator that allows you to create a comic strip starring a cartoon person or persons that you design yourself and then send your finished strip to friends.

In order to create your own strip you have to first create characters. The character builder on the site has a massive amount of body parts, hair, and clothing to choose from and unlike other similar character builders all of the parts can be adjusted in size as well as moved around. You're probably not going to make a character that looks exactly like you, but you can probably get pretty close.

Once you create an original version of your character you have the option to create additional version of the same character experiencing different emotions. For instance after we created "normal" Emily we went ahead and created a "surprised" Emily as well by changing the eyes and mouth on the current creation.

Once you've created all your characters you move on to a comic strip creation phase where you're given four panels. In each panel you are allows to insert one character, choose a background color, and decide what that character is going to say.You can add additional panels if you need to, and toonlet has a few characters built-in to the comic trip creator if your in need of some extras. Your final product is added to your personal URL on toonlet, and a link to the final product can be emailed to your friends from toonlets interface. You can also make comic strip replies to your original strip or others strips on the site.

One definite drawback to toonlet is that you aren't able to share your finished product anywhere but physically on toonlets site. It would be great to see them add in the future the ability to embed your strip on your own personal webpage. It would also be great to add the ability to include more than one character in each panel and allow those characters to be involved in some sort of action rather than just standing in the middle of the frame.

If you like toonlet then you may also want to check out Mr. Picasso Head or ToonDoo.

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