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LOLinator: let LOLcats redesign your site of choice

LOLinator LOLcats
There has always been one major problem with the internet: it's run by humans instead of LOLcats. Sadly, the government isn't into LOLcats, so we'll never see the dream realized. There is, however, a simulation effort. I'd like to introduce the LOLinator.

The LOLinator is a website designed by an underground effort of LOLcats to show the world what an LOLcat internet would look like. It takes any website and sends it back to the LOLcat home base, where LOLcats work quickly and efficiently to create a simulation of an LOLcat version. A couple websites we recommend running through the system are,, and

The image above shows what an LOLcat run Download Squad would look like. Personally, we think it's an improvement, but the discrimination against cats in the workplace would never land us any cat employees. What a sad world we live in. Oh yeah, if you have any suggestions for sites to run through the LOLinator, please leave them in the comments.

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