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DivShare implements upload and bandwidth limits

DivShare limitsOnline file hosting and sharing service DivShare has a lot going for it. Users can upload and share pretty much any file, and if you've got media like pictures, documents, audio, or video to share, DivShare has a slick Flash utility for embedding content on your web page. Best of all, unlike other services out there, so far DivShare hasn't put caps on how much online storage space you can use or how much bandwidth users get for file downloads.

All that is changing. DivShare, which has been having trouble making money, and which was put up for sale a while back, has announced plans to institute storage and bandwidth caps. DivShare users with free accounts now get 5GB of storage and 50GB of bandwidth. If you want more you'll have to pay to upgrade your account.

Sure, 5GB is more space than you get from a lot of competing services. But when you're a company that's built its name on unlimited uploads and downloads, any limits are a bit hard for users to swallow. According to the DivShare Blog, fewer than 10% of the service's users are currently exceeding the limits, so most users will not need to upgrade. And users who have already exceeded the limits will not have files deleted, but they will have to delete some files before they can upload any more (or you know, create a new account). In theory, the move will make the service more reliable for the vast majority of users who don't come close to approaching the new limits. But something tells us that won't mean much to users who have been told to delete files.

[via CyberNet]

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