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Play 3D Flash-based Tetris online - Time Waster

TetricalMulti-player Tetris not your cup of tea? How about a shot of espresso then? Tetrical is an online Tetris-style game that adds a whole new dimension of complexity. Literally.

Tetrical is a browser based game that's basically a 3D version of Tetris. If you're pretty good at Tetris there is no guarantee you will be good at Tetrical, as it takes a while to get used to the 3D environment, And to make matters worse, some of your blocks have weird 3D shapes.

Of course, Tetrical is hardly the first 3D version of Tetris around. We remember playing Blockout back in the 80s. Fortunately, no classic game ever seems to go uncloned. If you're looking for a Blockout-style game to play in your web browser while your boss's back is turned, you might want to try 3DTRIS. The controls feel a bit more intuitive to us than Tetrical's, but that might be years of muscle memory kicking in.

[via Boing Boing]

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