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LeopardMOD - tweak Leopard settings sans command line

LeopardMODLeopardMOD 2.3 (for Mac 10.5 only) provides an easy way to change some Leopard interface options without having to use the (gasp!) command terminal. The tool utilizes the tabbed look found in some Mac system pref panes, with tabs for Finder, Dock, Dashboard, Safari, and Menu Bar.

LeopardMOD lets you change the menu bar to a solid color (white or grey) instead of the Leopard default of transparent. You can disable the Dashboard, change the Dock from 3D to 2D, add Dock spacers, and change Finder window titles to display the full path of the folder instead of just the folder name.

Of course like any good system-tweaking tool, LeopardMOD provides a "Restore Defaults" option.

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