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Original SimCity source code released under GPL

Sim CityThe folks who brought you the original SimCity nearly 20 years ago have now brought you the free edition of that game. Not necessarily free as in beer, but free as in speech. The SimCity source code has been released for anyone who wants to port it run on other devices or operating systems, or wants to modify the game to create their own version.

The decision to release the the SimCity source under a GPL license is due to plans to add the game to the OLPC's XO Laptop which currently runs all open source software.

Because EA, the game company that owns the rights to SimCity and other Sim games wants to protect its trademark, there have been a few changes to the original source code. All references to SimCity have been replaced with "Micropolis," which was the original working title for the game.

[via Slashdot]

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