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Netflix subscribers get to watch as many online videos as they want

It's official. Netflix has lifted its monthly time limits for online video viewing. When the DVD-rental service first added a "watch now" online video option to its service, users could only watch as many hours of video as they paid for their monthly subscription. For example if you had the $18/month plan you could watch 18 hours of video per month. A few weeks ago we got word that Netflix was letting some users know that this restriction was being lifted. And now the AP is reporting that the change is official -- for most users.

Subscribers at the lowest level, who pay just $4.99 per month to rent up to 2 DVDs per month will only get to watch a few hours of video. But everyone else will get access to all 6,000 movies and TV shows currently available.

The change in service should be active Monday morning -- just in time for Macworld, where it's likely that Apple will announce an iTunes video rentals.

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