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Facebook to offer "Profile Clean-Up Tool"

Facebook has recently announced that they'll be rolling out a "profile clean-up" tool to its users allowing them to move Facebook applications to an "extended portion" of their profile. We think this is wonderful news since Facebook has slowly turned into Myspace where user profiles are full of garbage and the key information is buried beneath "What type of popsicle are you?" quizzes and "My favorite numbers are..." applications. This clean-up tool will naturally upset developers who are trying to monetize the Facebook API's, but how do they expect their applications to be seen on a 10-page profile anyway?

Facebook says that in addition to displaying the standard things like personal information, mini-feed, and the wall, a profile will have up to 12 extra applications on the main profile page. Users will then be able to click a link on the profile to view the remaining applications. Leaner profiles should lead to faster load times and potentially a decrease in the number of users adding applications (since many users add applications when they see that their friends have something on their profile).

Maybe now we will stop getting ninja and vampire requests...

[Via ReadWriteWeb]

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