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AIM 6.8 Beta includes real-time IM: Freudian slips not just a vocal problem

AIM real-time IM
Ever wanted to see what your friends are typing to you as they type it? You'll get your chance with latest AIM Beta. Now at version 6.8, the newest version of AIM includes support for real-time IM. Unfortunately, Freudian slips are no longer a vocal problem.

The new feature is incompatible with iChat, Pidgin, and other third party IM clients, but if this catches on, it's likely they'll add support to for real-time IM soon. For now, if you'd like to use this feature, you'll need to use the official AIM client.

Real-time IM requires one of the users to activate a direct connection. The other party may choose to decline, so at least it's optional. Though it may seem "regular" and "bland", the ability to edit instant messages is a blessing. Maybe we're just a bit geekier and a little more old-fashioned than the average person, but we've been caught in way too many awkward, verbal situations because of something as minor as a forgotten name (it's hard to remember everyone from high school, dammit).

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