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Microsoft: We are NOT working on a dual-boot XO laptop

XO running Amiga OSYou know how yesterday we brought you news that Microsoft and OLPC were working on a way to dual boot Windows and Linux on the XO laptop? Yeah, despite the fact that the news came right from OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte, it was nothing but lies. Or perhaps an exaggeration. Or a misunderstanding. Anyway, it wasn't quite accurate, at least according to Microsoft.

Microsoft has released a statement that basically says the company has looked into the possibility of a dual boot XO laptop in the past, but there are currently no plans for such a system. Rather, Microsoft will publish guidelines soon for running Windows from a removable flash card.

Of course, you could make the case that if Windows is running from a removable flash drive (since the XO only has 1GB of internal memory which isn't really enough to run Windows efficiently), Negroponte and friends could ship a unit running Linux that can also boot from a flash drive. And unless we're mistaken, some folks might call that a dual boot laptop.

In completely unrelated news, Engadget turned us onto the fact that some industrious hackers have managed to cram Amiga OS onto an XO laptop. So the little laptop is certainly capable of running a wide variety of operating systems.

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